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  • Stuck in Love follows the love lives and relationships of a novelist and his dysfunctional family.

    Lily Collins stars as the cynical, promiscuous daughter Samantha.

    The actress spoke about what attracted her to the role: Its a story about a family of writers who have found love in unexpected places – are either stuck in their situation in love, like my dad is still in love with my mum but theyve divorced and my brother finds love for the first time and I dont believe in love. So, its all these journeys of self-discovery going on while the family builds itself back up together. I thought the comedy aspect, the romance, thedrama, it all kind of came together in a way that wasnt one over the other, or wasnt just romance or just comedy.

    The daughter of British musician Phil Collins, Lily Collins said she could relate to her character in many ways and drew parallels with her own family: I have always had a family that has been quite spread out over the globe and my dad is known for doing what hes done and I am somewhat going in a similar direction, but wanting to do so in my own way and in my own path and that is what Samantha does. She is also a writer like her dad, but she does so in a way that is how she wants to do it. I think it is important to stress how families are all over the place now anyway. There is no normal, the new normal is that there is no normal.

    Stuck in Love is a tale of love lost and found, all wrapped up in a complex family package. The film is out in the UK now.

  • Almost three years after the breakup of Westlife, former lead singer Markus Feehily is back with Love Is A Drug, the lead single from his upcoming debut album.

    He says it was inspired by some turbulent times in his personal life: I think being in love, or if you fall in love with someone, it can drive you a bit crazy sometimes, and lots of people have said it, they can relate to it. Its basically when you keep going back to somebody that you know is really bad for you. You know that the whole relationship or situation makes you feel like crap and you get really frustrated with yourself for going back but you still do it for whatever silly reason. And I think that reason is just love and love sending people a bit crazy, he says.

    Musically, Feehily has a darker, more electronic sound than the Westlife style.

    When I was writing melodies, I sung the way I felt natural singing and its all very soulful. Theres lots of gospel choir backing vocals and thats because I love putting together backing vocals and coming up with backing vocals. Its just all me, its exactly what happens when I go in the studio. Its definitely darker. I love big, epic sounds, says Feehily.

    Over their 14-year career, Westlife were a hugely popular boy band – especially at home in Ireland and in the UK – selling more than 50 million records worldwide.

    Markus Feehilys single Love Is A Drug is out now, ahead of his album scheduled for release in the autumn.

  • Scientists figure out how flamingos stay steady on one leg

    Flamingos are attention-getting birds for many reasons, one being their truly impressive ability to stand on one leg and even catch some Z's while doing so. How they do Levitra Pills it has Buy Levitra long been a mystery to science, but, thanks to researchers from Emory University and Georgia Tech, the days of wondering are behind us. It turns out, flamingo Levitra buy bodies are built in a way that is in complete harmony with gravity. When one leg is lifted, the other automatically repositions its joints and aligns beneath the body in the exact way that allows for perfect balance. The team initially attempted to discover this by observing live birds housed at Zoo Levitra Cost Atlanta. RELATED: Kaavan the elephant chained for 30 years Slideshow preview image 11 PHOTOS Kaavan the elephant chained for 30 years SEE GALLERY That approach ran into a bit of a Levitra, brick wall. Young-Hui Chang, one of the researchers, explained, "We really wanted to do an experiment where we just walked over and gave them a little prod. But Buy Levitra the zoo wouldn't let us." The team then shifted its focus to flamingo cadavers. While examining one lying on a table they were unable to glean any significant information about how the single-leg pose provides the astounding stability it does. breaking-news logo Sign up for Breaking News by AOL to get the latest breaking news alerts and updates delivered straight to your inbox. Enter your email SUBSCRIBE Subscribe to our other newsletters Emails may offer personalized content or ads. Learn more. You may unsubscribe any time. However, when one of the team members grasped the cadaver's shin and repositioned the bird upright, all of the joints instantly Vardenafil 60mg snapped into place, providing a stable base for the bird. The question that remains is why the single-leg pose Buy Levitra is often preferable, particularly while sleeping. It is suggested that it may use less of the body's energy, but that theory does raise the question of why flamingos don't take greater advantage of that benefit and stand on one leg all time. More from : Buy Levitra 40mg It's World Turtle Day, so here are a bunch of adorable turtles Great white sharks spotted off California coast Dog left disfigured by wire wrapped around its muzzle is on the road to recovery

  • Scuffles break out, tear gas fired at end of G-7 protest

    GIARDINI NAXOS, Levitra Cost Italy, May 27 (Reuters) - A group Generic Levitra of protesters sought to break through a police cordon at the end of a protest march against world leaders meeting on the island of Sicily on Saturday, scuffling with security forces, who fired tear gas to disperse them. After hundreds of people had peacefully marched through the streets of the seaside town of Giardini Naxos, down the hill from where a Group of Seven meeting had been held, a smaller group of about 100 people peeled off from the pack and challenged riot police. RELATED: President Donald Trump attends the G7 summit Slideshow preview image 15 PHOTOS President Donald Trump attends the G7 summit SEE GALLERY When they tried to flank them by running Levitra, along the beach, police charged and fired tear gas. Protesters washed their eyes out with water and an ambulance appeared to take away at least one injured person. Italy had massive security measures in place for the protesters who accused world leaders of ignoring the interests of ordinary people. Though some 3,500 were expected to turn up, the actual turnout appeared to be about half of that. Salvatore Giordano, a Sicilian high school professor, blamed the low turnout of in part on heavy security. He was stopped by police multiple times and blocked for a half-hour at the highway exit before finally being let through. Police were also stopping buses and searching them, he said. "They are criminalizing our dissent," Giordano said. "We're pacifists. We're not here to break windows, but to protest against Vardenafil 60mg Sicily being turned into a giant aircraft carrier for the world's military powers." "CAMPAIGN OF FEAR" U.S. President Donald Trump and the heads of Italy, France, Britain, Germany, Canada and Japan had been meeting in Taormina, which sits on a rocky hilltop just north of Giardini Naxos. Bus loads of police lined the route of Buy Levitra the mLevitra Price arch in what is normally a sleepy town of beach-going tourists, Cheapest Generic Levitra while a police helicopter circled above. Giordano came to air his opposition to the Mobile User Objective System (MUOS), part of an ultra-fast satellite communications network Generic Levitra for the American military that he says poses a health risk to people living near the infrastructure. Another group of protesters carried red flags bearing the communist hammer and sickle symbol. Alessandro D'Alessandro, the coordinator of Sicily's communist party, said there had been a media campaign of fear against the protesters, which kept numbers low. "It was hard to get here," D'Alessandro said. "But we came to tell the world's most powerful people that we oppose their military and capitalistic worldview. We're here to defend the interests of the weakest." breaking-news logo Sign up for Breaking News by AOL to get the latest breaking news alerts and updates delivered straight to your inbox. Enter your email SUBSCRIBE Subscribe to our other newsletters Emails may offer Best On Line Levitra personalized content or ads. Learn more. You may unsubscribe any time. Fears of violent protests like the ones seen during a G7 summit in the northern Italian city of Genoa in 2001 prompted the mayor of Giardini Naxos to order all local businesses to close for the day. Sixteen Levitra Dosage years ago throngs of protesters Levitra Dosage in Genoa clashed with authorities in street battles spread out over two days, and police shot dead an anti-globalization protester during some of Italy's worst-ever riots. (Reporting by Steve Scherer; Editing by Crispian Balmer) More from : People are calling out one news network Buy Levitra Online for being especially slow to cover the Manchester bombing A dubious Cheapest Generic Levitra Russian document may have swayed former FBI Director Comey's treatment of the Clinton email probe Trump tells Duterte of 2 US nuclear subs in Korean waters